What affects a backup generator’s fuel consumption?

Backup generators: we don’t really think about them until load shedding kicks in. When we are using them, few of us give thought to how much fuel they are using to keep our lights and plug points working. With petrol and diesel prices skyrocketing in South Africa, it’s good to know that there are ways to save money on your generator’s fuel. This article is taking a look at what affects a backup generator’s fuel consumption:

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Type of generator

The type of generator you have will influence its fuel consumption, since generators come in many sizes and output capacities. Smaller, portable generators used only to power certain appliances and devices use considerably less fuel per hour than larger generators powering whole buildings or groups of buildings. Newer generators feature more modern technology than older ones. Modern generators are built to be fuel efficient, so if your generator is ancient, it will likely consume more fuel than a new generator.

Generator fuel

Backup generators also run on a variety of fuels. Some generators are multi fuel, meaning they can operate on two or more types of fuel. When it comes to fuel consumption, we could argue that the generator which burns through fuel the slowest is more fuel efficient. Diesel burns slower than any other fuel type, making diesel generators some of the most efficient you’ll find. Natural gas generators, in contrast, burn fuel at much faster rates than diesel, which renders them less fuel efficient.

Generator load

The final consideration when looking at what affects a backup generator’s fuel consumption is load. This refers to the number of appliances, devices, and other electricity-requiring things a generator needs to power when in operation. Generators that struggle to power what they need to will burn through their fuel tanks much faster than others. When a generator can comfortably handle its load without having to be pushed to its limits, it won’t be as thirsty for fuel.

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