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If you’re reading this, you’re at least a little interested in generators. Welcome to the club! To share our passion for generators and electricity conservation, we’ve established this blog page. We’re discussing all things electricity, standby power, generators and more. Keep checking in to browse and enjoy our latest articles!

Can a diesel generator run on biodiesel?

Here’s a crazy fact: the first diesel engine was designed to run on peanut oil. Nuts, right? Since then, it has become more economical to fuel diesel engines with fossil-fuel diesel, available at your nearest petrol station for a cost just under that of petroleum (most of the time). However, with the green movement gaining momentum as we move further into this new decade, diesel generator operators are feeling the [...]

Diesel Generator vs. Gas Generator – A Comparison

In our article on a recent gas generator installation the S&A team were involved in, we briefly discuss the numerous benefits of upgrading your diesel gen-set to a gas generator system. Don’t get us wrong, ‘old faithful’ diesel generators are far from losing their long-standing place in the backup power sector. Diesel has long been the standard, but as international interest into green energy solutions heightens, we’re seeing a growth [...]

Does servicing a generator regularly make financial sense?

The short answer to this question is a resounding YES, at least from the perspective of generator specialists. We’ve been working with diesel generators since long before “load shedding” was even a thing, and we’ve seen some scary things happen to generators that haven’t seen a spanner since their time on the factory assembly line. Is the cost of replacement higher than the cost of planned maintenance? This article takes [...]

How to connect a generator to a DB board

Reducing the load on South Africa’s national electrical supply framework has been an area of much focus in recent years. Everyone knows what “load shedding” is, and it seems to have become part and parcel with living on the tip of Africa. Thank goodness for backup generators, right? The only problem is that many new generator owners think that installing a generator at home is going to be a simple [...]

What happens when you overload a generator?

Generators, like any other electrical supply device, is susceptible to problems from time to time. Like motor vehicles, generator maintenance is required every so often to ensure that a generator is ready and able to provide emergency power should the lights go out for whatever reason. However, sometimes generators are installed without the correct pre-installation inspections. One reason these are so important is to prevent a generator overload – which [...]

5 Benefits of a Diesel Generator for Any Business

It’s difficult to keep track of all the things that can disrupt a business. Sudden mandatory shutdown, as seen recently across the planet, has now been added to the list. However, nothing can come close to the disastrous affect Eskom’s load shedding has had (and continues to have) on SA businesses of all shapes and sizes. This article unpacks why backup generators are so important in this new normal South [...]

Gas Generators

Gas generators may just be the next best thing. With lots of people who are looking for the most cost effective way to deal with load shedding while still trying to be productive when the lights go out. Gas generators often come at a fraction of the cost of diesel generators. They also have lots of benefits. Firstly they are more eco friendly as they use gas. This is something [...]

S&A Project: Business Generator Installation in the Free State

Yet another highly successful S&A Generators project took place between 14 and 19 October 2019, when we partnered with Diesel-Electric once more to deliver exceptional power-generation services to a client situated in Phuthaditjhaba, Free State. This business generator installation required us to travel cross-country from KwaZulu-Natal, and deploy our trusty S&A Generators crane truck once again. Three S&A Generators team members worked on this job. Below we detail what our [...]

S&A Project: Diesel Generator Refilling in Escourt

Load shedding, while easily managed when a business has a generator, can often cause major issues for South African businesses. Although, merely having a generator doesn’t mean a company’s load shedding woes are solved. We’ve seen many instances where a generator has been run for hours on end unsupervised, only to end up running out of fuel and becoming severely damaged. Refilling a generator before the fuel tank runs out [...]

S&A Project: Generator Relocation from Hilton to Wartburg, KZN

We recently took on a generator relocation project for a client based in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal. He needed his generator decommissioned, transported cross-province, and reconnected at his new premises in Wartburg, KZN. The project took place between 12 and 16 August, and saw the deployment of our trusty S&A Generators crane truck. Below you’ll find out what the challenge was, what we were able to do for our client, and a [...]

S&A Project: 11000KVA Transformer Replacement in Umhlanga

S&A Generators recently partnered with Diesel Electric Services (DES) to replace an 11000 KVA transformer for a client in Umhlanga. The transformer replacement project occurred between 13 and 24 July 2019 and included removing and replacing the old transformer using a crane, fitting steel gratings, securing steel support beams, and building a new bung wall around the unit. Below you can find out more regarding what the issue was, how [...]

S&A Project: Generator Site Inspection in Port Edward

In July 2019, S&A Generators was commissioned to perform an on-site generator system inspection for a client on a farm in Port Edward. Gorwyne Angel, S&A Generators founder and Head Technician, travelled to the site of the generator to assess the situation. Below is an account of what the issue was, how we put our expert generator knowledge into action to facilitate a solution for the client, and a few [...]