Backup Generator vs. Emergency Generator

Generators come in many shapes and sizes, with varying power generation systems. Up until recently, diesel generators have been the go-to backup generator solutions for countless South Africans.

However, technology has advanced to the point where you now have options – with a popular modern choice being gas generators. One thing many of our customers ask us is if there are differences between backup generators and emergency generators.

Are these names used interchangeably for the exact same thing, or is there an important difference between the two?

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What is a backup generator?

Backup generators, or standby power generators, are commonly used by private homes and in other residential settings. These are in place solely to provide backup power to places where people live so that they can cook dinner, watch TV, and keep the lights on when the power cuts out.

In other words, a backup generator is in place to provide electricity in a non-critical capacity, where people’s lives don’t depend on an uninterrupted supply of power to the building.

What is an emergency generator?

In contrast to backup generators, emergency generators are absolutely vital to the people who rely on its standby power generating capacity. One common setting where you will find emergency generators is at a hospital, where ventilators, incubators and other critical pieces of electronics must remain powered as a literal matter of life and death.

Other places where you might find emergency generators are in buildings where there are greater fire risks, like factories and warehouses, so that emergency fire alarms and sprinkler systems remain active at all times.

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Expert backup generator and emergency generator specialists

Not sure which type of generator is going to be best for your building? It is recommended that anyone looking to connect a generator to their home or business first make contact with generator installation experts.

S&A Generators is experienced and skilled enough to consult on anything relating to generators – from small home generators to massive generators that provide emergency power to hospitals and backup power to shopping malls. Contact S&A Generators today to discuss how we can professionally solve your generator-related challenges.