Gas Generator vs Diesel Generator – A Comparison

In our article on a recent gas generator installation the S&A team were involved in, we briefly discuss the numerous benefits of upgrading your diesel gen-set to a gas generator system. Don’t get us wrong, ‘old faithful’ diesel generators are far from losing their long-standing place in the backup power sector.

Diesel generators has long been the standard, but as international interest into green energy solutions heightens, we’re seeing a growth in gas powered generators’ popularity. This leaves countless people with a dilemma when first looking into establishing back-up power for their home or business. Diesel generator or gas generator? Tried-and-trusted or cutting-edge?

This article offers pros and cons of both types of generators, and shares how S&A Generators can assist with any of your generator-related needs:

A (very) short comparison of the two

Noise pollution is something nobody enjoys, which makes diesel generators somewhat of a bad choice for eco-estates and other residential settings. On the other hand, natural gas is pretty explosive, and requires specialist care when being handled.

CD & Power, international backup power providers, summarise the differences between diesel generators and gas generators pretty well:

  • DIESEL GENSET = inexpensive and reliable, but loud and sometimes messy
  • NATURAL GAS GENSET = quiet and cleaner, but usually expensive and temperamental

Pros & cons of diesel and gas generators

It must be noted that continuous innovation in the field has brought much of the above into question. Diesel generators are becoming quieter and more fuel efficient, while gas powered generators are getting more cost-effective and robust. Nevertheless, here are the most common arguments for and against diesel and natural gas generators:

Diesel Generators:

  • Sturdy, reliable, and have a long lifespan when correctly maintained.
  • Diesel is less flammable, so considered safer to use as a fuel source.
  • More portable, so more versatile in terms of application.
  • Range in sizes from very small (residential) to large (industrial).
  • Louder than gas generators when in operation.
  • Price to keep fuelled fluctuates with diesel prices.
  • Requires storage capability to keep fuel on site.

Gas Generators:

  • Natural gas is cleaner, with lower emissions, than fossil fuels.
  • Gas generators are much quieter than their diesel counterparts.
  • They often come in at a fraction of the cost.
  • It costs less to maintain a natural gas generator.
  • A gas generator has a shorter lifespan.
  • Much larger than most diesel generators.
  • Gas is explosive, so extra care must be taken.

Have your generator installed by the best

S&A Generators has been involved with backup power installations and maintenance since before gas generators were even a thing. We’ve seen the sector innovate and improve, and we’ve done so alongside it. Our teams are able to source, transport, and install diesel and gas generators. We also offer generator maintenance services in KwaZulu-Natal. For any and all of your diesel or gas generator needs, get in touch with us here.