8 Signs You Need A Diesel Generator Mechanic

Like all internal combustion engines, there’s a lot that can go wrong with a diesel generator’s engine. With so many moving parts under immense levels of pressure, it’s no wonder diesel engines break down from time to time. As diesel generator repair specialists, we have been working on faulty diesel generators for decades, and know exactly what to look for in a damaged generator. In this article we’re looking at the eight most common signs you need a diesel generator mechanic:

  1. Problems with starting

Diesel engines rely on an immense amount of compression to function optimally. Unfortunately, when seals in the combustion chamber start to deteriorate, this compression can drop and lead to a diesel engine that keeps swinging but just won’t start.

  1. Blue exhaust smoke

A big red flag when it comes to diesel generators is the appearance of blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. This is a clear indication that your generator is burning engine oil, which really shouldn’t be happening if your generator’s engine components are all in good working order.

  1. Loss of engine power

This one is a bit tougher to pinpoint on a diesel generator, since you’re not actually revving the engine as you would in a car. Nevertheless, one can clearly tell just by assessing the genset that the diesel engine is not running as powerfully as it should be, which is another serious cause for concern.

  1. Terrible fuel economy

Is your diesel generator going through fuel faster than it used to for the same amount of operating hours? A thirsty engine is usually a sign of damaged components, with the most likely culprits being your generator engine’s injectors or the rings.

  1. Excessive or strange noise

Compression and timing issues in diesel engines are clear to see (well, to hear). If you’ve fired up your diesel generator and it’s sounding different, like loud clanking noises or sounds you haven’t heard before, this could be a sign of serious engine trauma.

  1. Heightened oil consumption

Some diesel engines sip on engine oil; others need to take large gulps to stay in operation. If you’ve noticed that your diesel generator is requiring more oil top-ups than usual, this is a sign that you might need a diesel generator mechanic to pay you a visit. This is especially true if you don’t see any external signs of oil leaking from the genset.

  1. Rough engine idling

Another clear sign that a diesel generator mechanic is required involves rough idling. There are two types of rough idling to keep an ear open for. Hunting idling which is when the engine idles up and down in intervals, and Missing idling which is when you hear slight hesitations in the engine’s idling. Rough idling could be caused by poor timing or leaking injectors.

  1. Engine runaway

This is when your diesel generator’s engine keeps running for a little while after you’ve switched off the ignition. It’s a clear sign that there’s an issue with the engine’s combustion process, as runaway usually means that a bit of oil is leaking into the combustion chamber. Since diesel engines can theoretically run on engine oil, the engine burns up the bit of oil that’s leaked in – even after it has been shut off.

Find expert diesel generator mechanic services in Durban

If your diesel generator is exhibiting one or more of the above eight signs of damage, it might be time to call in a diesel generator mechanic. S&A Generators offers expert diesel engine repairs and maintenance in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. We are also able to assist with generator fuel refills, planned generator maintenance (to prevent generator repairs), and the sourcing and installation of new generators. Get in touch today to find out more!