What Is The Loudest Type Of Generator?

Let’s face it: backup power generators aren’t the quietest devices around. This becomes painfully apparent when load shedding strikes and you hear them powering up around your otherwise quiet neighbourhood. The good news? No matter the generator, there are many effective ways to reduce the noise levels if they get too much. Below we’ll explain why some generators are louder than others, what can be done about noisy ones, and we’ll answer this question: what is the loudest type of generator?

Why are some generators loud?

The loudness of a generator will largely depend on the type of generator, and how old or new that generator is. A good example of this is how older diesel trucks are much louder than more modern trucks fitted with newer diesel engine technology and noise-reducing interventions. Another factor making generators louder is their condition and how well they have been looked after throughout their operational lives.

What can you do about the noise?

Reducing the loudness of a generator is actually pretty easy if you set your mind to it (or you’ve got a team of generator experts at your side). In a previous blog on the topic of generator noise reduction, we unpacked a bunch of ways you could soundproof your generator. Here are a few:

  1. Divert your generator’s exhaust fumes to a large, full bucket of water. This will greatly reduce the noise, but you don’t want to leave that bubbling bucket unattended.
  2. Dampen the ear-shattering sound of a loud generator by placing it on thick rubber foam matting. This will reduce vibration and help with bringing the dB level down.
  3. Rubber can also be used to encapsulate a generator in a special soundproof case. These are rubber covers made to be placed over a generator set, allowing for exhaust fumes to escape freely.

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Ranking generators from quietest to loudest

  1. Inverter generators

These sorts of generators can barely be considered ‘loud’ at all. The technology is made to be efficient and useable in areas where noise consideration is of vital importance.

  1. Portable generators

These sorts of generators, usually either petrol or diesel-fueled, are louder than inverter generators. Luckily, they’re small enough to soundproof with relative ease.

  1. Diesel generators

Diesel generators are the loudest compared to their counterparts. Luckily, with the technology being so old, countless people have innovated ways to quieten down obnoxious diesel generators.

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