Should you try connecting a generator to a DB board yourself?

Hmmmm… Should you try connecting a generator to a DB board yourself? Reducing the load on South Africa’s national electrical supply framework has been an area of much focus in recent years. Everyone knows what “load shedding” is, and it seems to have become part and parcel with living on the tip of Africa. Thank goodness for backup generators, right? The only problem is that many new generator owners think that installing a generator at home is going to be a simple task. Just plug it in and you’re good to go, right? Not quite, which is why we’ve written this article. So, how do you connect a generator to a DB board? Let’s find out:

Should you DIY a generator install?

The short answer to this question is a resounding NO. Too much can go wrong with electrical installations, which is why expert generator installers also furnish you with a certificate of clearance (CoC) to show that the installation has been carried out by a qualified electrician. You could DIY your generator install and then request a CoC from a third-party, but this is risky. You might have done something incorrectly, in which case you’ll have to pay the electrician to fix the issue – costing you more money and wasted time.

General electrical safety precautions

  • Wear non-conductive gloves when working with electrical components.
  • Make sure the electrical supply is turned OFF before beginning the install.
  • Consult with a professional generator installer before going ahead.
  • Ensure your generator contains fuel before hitting the START switch.

Call KZN’s generator experts

As mentioned above, electricity is NOT your friend. One wrong move can spell disaster, and even death, for anyone working on a house’s main electrical supply. When you partner with generator experts, you can rest easy knowing that your generator is being installed professionally – and that the install won’t take as long as it would take if you were to attempt connecting it yourself. About to purchase a new generator for your home? Chat to S&A Generators about getting it expertly installed!