S&A Project: Generator Relocation from Hilton to Wartburg, KZN

We recently took on a generator relocation project for a client based in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal. He needed his generator decommissioned, transported cross-province, and reconnected at his new premises in Wartburg, KZN. The project took place between 12 and 16 August, and saw the deployment of our trusty S&A Generators crane truck. Below you’ll find out what the challenge was, what we were able to do for our client, and a few photographs of the project at various stages of completion:

The Problem

Our client, residing in Hilton just north of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal, was requiring a generator relocation specialist to move his large generator to a location in Wartburg, KZN. Other than transporting the generator cross-province, this project required disconnecting the unit from the DB board in Hilton, and reconnecting it properly on-site in Wartburg. This required three members of our S&A Generators team (project head Gorwyne, electrician Siphelele, and assistant Velani), who immediately came up with the best way to complete the generator relocation in the shortest amount of time possible.

Generator relocation - loading the generator onto our crane truck

The generator being loaded onto our S&A Generators crane truck for relocation from Hilton.

The Solution

The first step was to ensure that the generator had a sound foundation to rest upon at the new site in Wartburg. S&A Generators was able to build a new plinth and bung wall, after finding the best spot for the generator to reside on the property. Once the plinth was in place, it was time to get the generator loaded and moved from Hilton to Wartburg.

Generator relocation - building a new plinth and bung wall

The plinth and bung wall being built at the generator relocation site in Wartburg.

We deployed our trusty crane truck, using it to lift and load the generator after decommissioning it. Before we could lift it, we needed to drain the unit of fuel, oil and coolant. Once the generator was securely fastened on our crane truck, we hit the road towards Wartburg. Once arriving at our destination, we realised that the crane truck was unable to offload the generator directly onto the plinth. Therefore, we had to move it manually for the last few yards.

Generator relocation - moving the generator by hand

The generator carefully being moved a last few yards to its new location.

Once we had the generator in place, all that was left was to replace the fluids (fuel, oil and coolant), run the fuel lines and connect the wiring to the building’s DB board. The final step of this generator relocation project was to test that the generator was working, and that everything was connected properly.

An image respresenting S&A Project: Generator Relocation from Hilton to Wartburg, KZN

The generator fully installed and functional in Wartburg, KZN.