S&A Generators recently partnered with Diesel Electric Services (DES) to replace an 11000 KVA transformer for a client in Umhlanga. The transformer replacement project occurred between 13 and 24 July 2019 and included removing and replacing the old transformer using a crane, fitting steel gratings, securing steel support beams, and building a new bung wall around the unit. Below you can find out more regarding what the issue was, how we facilitated an effective solution for the client, and photographs taken at various stages of the project:

S&A Generators removing the road closure for the transformer replacement.

The Problem

Our client called us in to assess the state of an old transformer located indoors. After many years of operation, transformers become damaged and this causes them to overheat. Due to operating at higher than usual temperature, a transformer’s insulation will weaken – affecting its overall performance. Our assessment lead to the client deciding a transformer replacement was in order, so we contacted our friends at Diesel Electric Services (DES) and asked them to give us a hand.

Rigging the new transformer into place using a crane

The Solution

Removing a transformer of this size, and then replacing it with a new one, is no easy task. This required the use of a crane, which meant we had to arrange a temporary road closure. We first had to deconstruct the brick bung wall that surrounded the old transformer, so as to give the crane access to the unit. We then carefully removed it, and replaced the transformer with a brand new one.

S&A team member guiding the transformer replacement as it is lowered into position by a crane

Once the new unit was in place, we fitted steel gratings and secured steel support beams. We also built a new bung wall around the transformer to catch and drain out any liquid without causing too much of a mess in the area.

The new transformer in position.

The transformer replacement end result: bung wall painted and in place