How Our Generator Maintenance Service Works

To keep your generator running smoothly, generator maintenance is essential. As South Africa still faces plenty of concern when it comes to load shedding, more homes and businesses are starting to look at back-up solutions such as standby generators. These tools help to ensure that the lights stay on, even when the national electricity grid comes to a stand-still. With that said, simply buying and installing a generator is only the first step. In order to get the most from your generator, you will need to look at a generator maintenance plan that keeps your device going strong throughout the year.

S&A Generators offers a comprehensive generator maintenance service that keeps your generator in optimal condition throughout the year. This means that it will be able to work as expected whenever it is needed, without any issues. Keep reading to learn more about our maintenance service options.

How often should I service my generator?

A Guide to Our Generator Maintenance Service

Our generator maintenance service includes monthly (inspection), quarterly (routine) and annual (major) services. Here’s a breakdown of what each service entails.

Monthly (Inspection) Service

Each month, our generator maintenance service covers the following tasks that help to spot any potential issues and make sure that your generator is working at its best:

  • Thorough cleaning of your generator
  • Checks for abnormalities and leaks
  • Checks and top up of coolant
  • Checks and top up of oil
  • Checks and bleeding of water traps
  • Checks of fan belt tension and coolant hoses
  • Checks of battery condition and charge rate
  • Checks of the control panel

Quarterly (Routine) Service

Every quarter, we do a routine generator maintenance service that is designed to give you optimal usage of your generator. Tasks done during this service include the following:

  • Cleaning of generator and plant room
  • Checks for issues and leaks
  • Operation of immersion heater and controls
  • Checks of battery for issues
  • Checks of coolant/oil levels and top ups
  • Checks and bleeding of water traps
  • Checks of the control panel
  • Checks of fan belt tension and coolant hoses
  • Undertaking of mains fail on generator set/mains

Annual (Major) Service

Once a year, we perform a major service that ensures that your generator is still functioning at its best. The following is done during these services:

  • Oil replacement
  • Coolant replacement
  • Changing of all filters
  • Setting tappets to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Cleaning of generator and plant room
  • Painting/touching up of exhaust housing

Get generator repairs

Along with our generator maintenance plans, we also provide maintenance as needed, although this can end up costing more than our service plans. We can also provide generator fuel top-ups as needed. To learn more about generator maintenance in Durban and surrounds, contact S&A Generators today.