5 Benefits of a Diesel Generator for Any Business

It’s difficult to keep track of all the things that can disrupt a business. Sudden mandatory shutdown, as seen recently across the planet, has now been added to the list. However, nothing can come close to the disastrous affect Eskom’s load shedding has had (and continues to have) on SA businesses of all shapes and sizes. This article unpacks why backup generators are so important in this new normal South Africa, by looking at five benefits of having one to keep shop doors open when sudden power cuts arise:

Remain connected when the lights go out

In this digital age, where so many aspects of our lives and businesses happen on electronic devices, having a solution to keep the plugs working makes sense. Computers, card machines, wifi routers and network switches all need electricity to function, and with a backup diesel generator in place – they’ll have all the juice they need when it goes dark.

Keep customers and staff comfortable

What do customers do when the power goes off while they’re shopping? They usually put things back on the shelves and leave. With backup power available, trading can continue unhindered. Also important to a favourable retail experience (for both shoppers and sales staff) is air conditioning, which can keep everything cool while waiting for load shedding to end during the warmer months.

Food and other fresh products stay fresh

Where no backup power really becomes a problem is in the case of fresh food grocers. These shops that sell perishable foods rely on industrial fridges and carefully-controlled room temperatures to keep their produce fresh. With a diesel generator connected to the mains, shops like this can keep their stock in the optimal conditions while the power is out.

Diesel is normally cheaper than petrol

You might not remember this, but diesel is usually cheaper than petrol in South Africa. Well, until 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Once things normalise, and we can put the devastating effects of the corona virus behind us, we expect diesel prices to normalise too. This means that running a diesel generator is going to become a cheaper alternative to petrol-powered backup generators.

Avoid the inconvenience of sudden outages

The last benefit of a business backup generator, but certainly not the least important, is the fact that generators equal peace of mind. Think about all of the business operations affected by a single flick of a power switch. With the simple installation of a backup power source, these concerns can be avoided completely – as long as you remember to keep the generator’s fuel tank topped up!

Backup generator installations & services in KwaZulu-Natal

There’s no doubt that a backup generator benefits any business, regardless of size or nature. Diesel generators can be setup to kick in as soon as the power goes off, which means there doesn’t have to be disruptions to trading and other business operations. Contact S&A Generators to arrange a site inspection and backup generator quote, or if your existing generator needs some TLC!