9 Reasons Shopping Malls Need Backup Power Generators

9 Reasons Shopping Malls Need Backup Power Generators

Shopping malls have become the places we go to do just about everything these days. We can pay our bills, buy our groceries, restock our wardrobes, fix our electronic devices, and much more. The shopping centre ecosystem relies on consumers buying from the tenants, who then pay rent and the mall keeps its doors open. These tenants have requirements to operate, the most important being electricity.

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This vital resource powers point of sale computers, bank card machines, internet connectivity, in-store lights, security systems, and air conditioning. Without electricity, retailers cannot trade. So, the overarching reason shopping malls need backup power generators is to provide tenants with a reliable source of electricity.

With unplanned power outages and load shedding still impacting retail outlets across South Africa, having a backup power generator means business continuity; come what may. We’re diving deeper into the need for a generator at every mall below, with nine reasons why having one is an excellent idea:

  1. Retailers trade through power cuts
    When there’s no generator in place, most shopping centre tenants are forced to discontinue operations for the duration of a power outage. Backup power means a continuation of trade for all tenants, regardless of what’s happening with the national power grid.
  2. Shopping mall remains open to the public
    Lighting, elevators, access control, and other mall infrastructure go down when the power cuts off. This means it becomes impossible for shoppers to navigate the centre, unless there’s a backup power generator keeping this infrastructure working and the mall open to the public.
  3. Security measures remain in place
    Iron-clad security is a must at any shopping mall, for the protection of the shoppers, retailers and their staff, and mall management. A backup power generator keeps things like CCTV and alarm systems operational while the national electricity supply is down.
  4. Mall remains connected at all times
    Keeping a shopping mall and its retailers connected to the internet is critical for a number of reasons. Keeping ATMs and credit card machines online to facilitate retail transactions is arguably the most important. With backup power, there doesn’t have to be a loss of internet connectivity at all.
  5. Customer contact is maintained
    Whether a mall has to shut its doors during a power outage or not, being able to communicate with customers is pretty important. Backup power means a mall can communicate to customers that they are open and operational during outages.
  6. Keep the shopping environment comfortable
    Air conditioning is such a relief for shoppers when visiting their favourite malls. When the power goes out, these aircons can’t keep cooling stores and common areas down. With backup power generation in place, shopping malls can keep offering a comfortable environment for both shoppers and shop staff.
  7. Acquire a competitive advantage
    Let’s face it: having a backup power generator is a competitive advantage for any shopping centre. If it’s a choice between shopping at their favourite mall without power, or a competitor mall with backup generators, chances are a customer is going to go with option two.
  8. Avoid a complete loss of productivity
    When the power goes off at a mall without backup generators, productivity comes to a halt across the board. Mall management can’t do their jobs, retailers and staff can’t do their jobs, and this break in productivity renders the rest of the day essentially a write-off.
  9. Attract more potential tenants
    Shopping malls that can keep their doors open and their aircons running stand to attract tenants who are looking for more stable commercial rental options. Having a backup power source is a big plus for any mall looking to improve their tenant acquisition and retention.

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Will load shedding still be an issue through 2022?

Will load shedding still be an issue through 2022?

For over 14 years South Africans have contended with intermittent and often short-notice power cuts, thanks to Eskom’s now infamous Load Shedding strategy. As the world slowly starts to get a hold of the pandemic, economic activity is set to grow dramatically in 2022, which will put further strain on our already struggling power grid. So, will load shedding still be an issue through 2022? It looks highly likely, but here’s what the experts have to say:

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Electricity & the Energy Availability Factor

The Energy Availability Factor (EAF) is a percentage-based system showing the total portion of electricity being produced by Eskom’s total maximum generating capacity. We need only look at the Energy Availability Factors for the first half of the past two years to see that our energy issues are far from over. For the first half of 2021, the EAF was 61.3%. This compared to 65% in 2020 and 66.9% in 2019.

What should we expect for 2022?

Expect load shedding to continue throughout 2022, something Eskom themselves have suggested to South Africa. There are a bunch of reasons why electricity supply will be touch-and-go in 2022, but the main one is the refurbishment of two 970MW units at Koeberg Power Station in the Western Cape. Eskom predicts this will take at least 10 months, which means we are guaranteed load shedding up until at least August 2022.

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Ways to brace yourself for load shedding

Complaining about it does nothing to help you deal with load shedding. The best thing you can do is to start preparing for when we get that overnight announcement that planned power cuts have returned.

  • Download a load shedding tracker app
    How do you keep track of the load shedding schedules? They are so confusing, private individuals have invested in simplifying things using free mobile apps. These are updated in real time as load shedding is announced, and you can easily find and save the schedule for your suburb.

  • Keep an ever-present supply of candles
    Do you have a decent stash of candles and matches? Torches and other light-producing gadgets are great, but they require either batteries or recharging in order to operate. With enough candles on hand, you can keep your home illuminated no matter how long the power takes to return.

  • Power banks and mobile Wi-Fi devices
    If you rely on electrical supply to power your computer or laptop and internet router, load shedding is going to cause you issues throughout 2022. Consider investing in power banks so that you can keep your phone charged, and mobile Wi-Fi (MiFi) devices so that you can stay connected to the internet.
  • Invest in a reliable alternative power source
    You could buy every candle in your local supermarket, download load-shedding apps, and fork out for the best power banks and mobile internet technology available. You could also just install a power generator and not have to bother with the first three at all.

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Laugh in the face of load shedding in 2022

Don’t let load shedding in 2022 hinder your dreams and aspirations for your home or business. Backup power systems are the anti-load shedding solutions that more and more South Africans are turning to as they attempt to mitigate the lasting negative impacts of erratic power cuts. S&A Generators is your Durban-based backup power and diesel generator specialists, offering new generator installs, generator repairs, generator maintenance, and refilling of generators. Get in touch with our team and keep your lights on throughout 2022!