S&A Project: Business Generator Installation in the Free State

S&A Project: Business Generator Installation in the Free State

Yet another highly successful S&A Generators project took place between 14 and 19 October 2019, when we partnered with Diesel-Electric once more to deliver exceptional power-generation services to a client situated in Phuthaditjhaba, Free State. This business generator installation required us to travel cross-country from KwaZulu-Natal, and deploy our trusty S&A Generators crane truck once again. Three S&A Generators team members worked on this job. Below we detail what our client’s problem was, the solution we were able to put in place for them, and the steps we took in the process:

The Problem

It is a problem faced by businesses and households across South Africa, and it doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. We’re talking about load shedding, which drove our client to seek the assistance of generator specialists. His business was suffering due to constant power cuts, which led to losses in both business and subsequently cash flow. The client approached Diesel-Electric, who then contacted us, for a quote on a brand new generator that could power his business when the lights went off.

business generator installation - removing the generator from the truck

Our client’s new generator being delivered to site by our trusty S&A Generators crane truck.

The Solution

S&A Generators assessed the situation, and provided a competitive quotation that included both the cost of a new generator and the cost of the business generator installation. Once the client had accepted our quotation, we sprung into action by ordering the new generator and preparing our team members for the task at hand. S&A Generators staff members involved with this project were Roger Smith (one of our technicians who oversaw the project), Velani Gumede (an assistant who was vital during the installation process), and Siphelele (our talented electrician who was involved with hooking up the generator).

business generator installation - the new generator in position

The new generator in position and awaiting wiring to connect it to the client’s power system.

Once we had the new generator and everything was good to go, we set off from our HQ in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal, and travelled across the border to the neighbouring Free State province. Upon arrival, we ascertained where the best place would be for the business generator installation to take place, and constructed a plinth and bund from scratch.

S&A Generators team members starting to construct the plinth and bund wall where the generator was to be installed.

Once the plinth and bund wall was completed, and given enough time to set, the next phase was bringing in the S&A Generators crane truck and carefully lowering the new generator into position. This takes a high level of accuracy, and we had our team members close by to guide the generator until it came to its final resting place.

Our crane truck lowering the new generator into position upon the plinth.

Finally, all that was left to do on this business generator installation was to run electrical wires from the new generator to the client’s DB board. This in itself is half of the challenge, but our talented electrician Siphelele was up to it. Once everything was connected and tested, we built fencing around the unit to secure it and constructed a small awning to protect the generator from the weather. This was all in all a very successful project that left our client highly satisfied with the result.

S&A Project: Generator Site Inspection in Port Edward

S&A Project: Generator Site Inspection in Port Edward

In July 2019, S&A Generators was commissioned to perform an on-site generator system inspection for a client on a farm in Port Edward. Gorwyne Angel, S&A Generators founder and Head Technician, travelled to the site of the generator to assess the situation. Below is an account of what the issue was, how we put our expert generator knowledge into action to facilitate a solution for the client, and a few steps that were taken in the process of this generator project’s completion:

The Problem

This particular client had an issue with the way in which their generator was installed, with incorrect wiring to the building’s DB board rendering the generator unusable. Another big issue Gorwyne found was that the generator’s location did not allow for the efficient dissipation of hot exhaust fumes, which would almost certainly lead to the generator overheating when in operation. Thanks to his years of expert generator experience, Gorwyne was able to assess the situation and immediately offer the client a cost-effective solution to his generator issues.

The Solution

After the initial site inspection, Gorwyne and the S&A Generators technicians returned to action the solutions for this project. Since the generator was wired incorrectly by the initial installation company, we rewired the generator correctly – voltage testing it once done to ensure that the building was receiving power from the generator. Our team was also able to reposition the generator in a way that would allow for the efficient escape of exhaust fumes. We are extremely pleased to have assisted our client with this generator project.

Project Process

In the above photo Gorwyne is measuring the length of the generator to figure out a better way to position the container to have better access to the generator.

Above show Gorwyne running a voltage test to see what the voltage coming from the generator was, however he discovered that there was no voltage coming from the generator. This revealed that the wiring had been done incorrectly, confirming Gorwynes initial suspicions.

Here Gorwyne is checking the controller for the generator.

Above shows Gorwyne looking around the property to get a better idea of the surroundings.

Gorwyne found that the generator was not close enough to the vent, which allows hot air to escape. This means that the generator would eventually overheat and cause damage. Gorwyne came to the conclusion that this would have to be altered to avoid future damage to the generator.