A Break in Load Shedding Is The Perfect Time To Service Your Generator

A Break in Load Shedding Is The Perfect Time To Service Your Generator

South Africans are a resilient bunch, but we’re also realistic. Load shedding might have been suspended for now, but the numbers forecast that we should brace for roll-outs until 2027. If you’re one of the savvy businesses with a backup generator to help you power through the frustrations of rolling blackouts, you know how invaluable the machine becomes when Eskom’s cuts kick in. But when was the last time you gave your generator some much-needed TLC?

Temporary breaks from load shedding offer the perfect opportunity to get your generator serviced without disruption. Why is securing a service appointment during these limited power-on periods so crucial? Let’s explore the key reasons.

Availability of Technicians

When load shedding is actively hitting, generator repair services get swamped with emergency calls for breakdowns and issues. During stable power periods, you’ll find technicians have far more availability to provide thorough, scheduled maintenance rather than rushed, reactive repairs. You won’t be just another desperate voice in the queue.

Avoiding Downtime Disruptions

Imagine this scenario: your generator requires fixing smack in the middle of a multi-stage load shedding onslaught. You might be without backup power for days until a technician, overwhelmed by emergency calls during load shedding, can finally get to your job. Now is the best time to change out old lubricant, replace worn-out filters and refill coolant fluids. By servicing during a break, you ensure your generator will be tuned up and reliable when those outages inevitably return.

Longer Service Window

When load shedding is temporarily suspended, it provides a valuable stretch of uninterrupted power supply. This window allows generator technicians to perform comprehensive maintenance without rushing or getting cut off by rolling blackouts. They get adequate time to complete all recommended service items properly and conduct a thorough review to check for signs of wear, loose components, leaks, and other emerging issues.

Systems Inspection & Upgrades

In addition to scheduling maintenance during these breaks, consider discussing potential upgrades with your technician to enhance your generator’s performance. While you’ve got the service technicians’ skilled eyes examining your generator, it’s also an opportune time to ask about any upgrades that could enhance its performance, fuel efficiency or longevity. Small upgrades can be expensive when made reactively but are affordable if done during routine service.

If It’s Not Broken, Keep It That Way!

Too many generator owners fall into the trap of skipping service appointments, figuring, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” But constantly run your generator during multi-stage load shedding, and cracks will inevitably start showing. By following the factory-recommended service schedule precisely, you’re taking preventative measures to avoid costly repairs and ensure your generator keeps firing on all cylinders when load shedding inevitably returns.

While this latest load shedding pause feels like a welcome respite, all South Africans know it’s only temporary. The reality is Eskom’s woes show no signs of improving, meaning we must stay prepared for the long haul. That’s why it’s critical to take advantage of this opportunity to invest in preventative generator care from qualified professionals. A stitch in time saves nine, as the old saying goes.

Preventative maintenance beats a reactive emergency every time, especially in the world of business. Protect your bottom line and ensure continuity by taking advantage of this load shedding break to schedule comprehensive generator maintenance. Our team of expert technicians will conduct a thorough inspection, perform all necessary services, and discuss potential upgrades to enhance your generator’s performance and efficiency. Contact S&A Generators today to book your service appointment and stay ahead of the curve.

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Top 10 Generator Maintenance Tips for 2024

Top 10 Generator Maintenance Tips for 2024

Top 10 Generator Maintenance Tips for 2024

As 2024 draws closer, you’re probably working on plans to ensure the new year is successful. One item that should be at the top of your list is your generator’s health! Eskom recently announced that loadshedding is projected to be worse than it has ever been in the year to come. It seems like a dark future, but here at S&A Generators, we always try to find the silver lining. Let’s help you kickstart the year on a resilient note by implementing a proactive maintenance routine and keeping your generator in tip-top shape.

  1. Regular Inspections

Start the year right by planning and scheduling regular visual inspections of your generator. Check for loose connections, signs of wear and tear, and any potential leaks. Early detection of issues can prevent major problems down the line.

  1. Test Run the Generator

Once you get home from vacations, don’t wait for a power outage to discover issues. Conduct a test run to ensure your generator starts promptly and runs smoothly. This proactive approach helps identify any operational glitches, allowing you to address them before they become critical.

  1. Fuel System Check

The fuel system is the lifeblood of your generator. Regularly inspect the fuel lines, filters, and tanks for any signs of contamination or clogs. Ensure that the fuel quality meets the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal performance.

  1. Battery Inspection

A reliable generator starts with a reliable battery. Check the battery for corrosion, ensure proper connections, and replace it if it’s past its prime. Remember that a well-maintained battery is crucial for a quick and efficient start-up.

  1. Cooling System Maintenance

Generators can overheat, especially during prolonged use. Keep the cooling system in top condition by checking coolant levels, inspecting hoses for leaks, and cleaning the radiator. Proper cooling ensures your generator operates at its best, even under heavy loads.

  1. Lubrication is Key

Regularly lubricate moving parts to minimise friction and reduce wear and tear. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for recommended lubricants and intervals. Proper lubrication extends the lifespan of your generator and ensures it operates smoothly.

  1. Keep it Clean

Dust and debris can accumulate on your generator, affecting its performance. Clean the exterior regularly and ensure that the ventilation system is free from obstructions. A clean generator not only looks better but also functions more efficiently.

  1. Voltage Regulation

Ensure the generator is consistently producing the correct voltage. Use a multimeter to measure the output and adjust if necessary. Proper voltage regulation is crucial to protect your connected appliances and equipment.

  1. Review the Exhaust System

Check the exhaust system for leaks, corrosion, and proper ventilation. A well-maintained exhaust system protects the generator and ensures the safety of those nearby.

  1. Keep a Log

Stay updated on your generator’s maintenance schedule and adhere to it diligently. Keep a log of inspections, repairs, and routine maintenance. This proactive approach enhances the generator’s lifespan and provides a record for troubleshooting if issues arise.

Your commitment to regular generator maintenance will be a small investment that pays off significantly in peace of mind and prolonged equipment life. As you gear up for a successful 2024, make it a resolution to schedule monthly, quarterly, and annual generator maintenance with a qualified company like S&A Generators.

At S&A Generators, our expertise ensures thorough inspections, timely repairs, and adherence to manufacturer recommendations. With a range of cutting-edge generators equipped to handle South Africa’s unique challenges, we’re committed to keeping your lights on and your appliances running. Contact us today and discover how we can tailor a power backup solution to your needs!

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How To Extend The Life Of Your Generator

You can extend the life of your generator by investing in a generator cover, booking planned generator maintenance, checking the generator’s oil levels often, inspecting the battery just as often, and giving your generator a good cleaning from time to time. We’re explaining these generator lifespan-extending methods in detail below, and putting you in touch with generator technicians in KwaZulu-Natal should you want to extend your generator’s lifespan:

  1. Install a generator covering

Imagine if you drove around without a hood on your car. It wouldn’t take long for dust, rain, and other natural materials to make their way onto and into your engine. The same goes for generators without coverings. The better you can protect your generator’s critical parts from the elements, the longer it will take for wear and tear to become an issue for your generator.

  1. Book regular generator maintenance

Monthly, quarterly or annual generator maintenance is another important step you could take to ensure you get the most value for your backup power generating investment. Planned generator maintenance will keep your generator running at peak condition, and this will ensure critical generator issues can be identified and rectified before causing any bigger generator issues.

  1. Regularly check your generator’s oil

A vehicle’s engine won’t last long at all without engine oil. The same is true for diesel generators and petrol generators. When engine oil is running low, and the generator is operational, higher-than-usual levels of engine component wear and tear occur owing to the lack of lubrication. Get the most out of your generator’s critical parts by keeping its oil topped up.

  1. Inspect your generator’s battery

It’s important to keep an eye on the condition of your backup generator’s battery. Corrosion and battery acid leaks are common generator battery issues, and are able to cause serious damage when generators are neglected and the condition of the generator’s battery and associated wires and connections isn’t checked regularly.

  1. Don’t forget to clean your generator

One final measure you can take to extend the life of your generator is to ensure it is being cleaned regularly. This is especially important when there is no covering placed over the generator, protecting it from dust and other troublesome matter. But cleaning a generator doesn’t end at a wipe down from time to time. Consider getting your generator professionally cleaned every time it undergoes maintenance.

Extend your generator’s lifespan with S&A Generators

Extending the lifespan doesn’t have to be a multi-step process. One call to S&A Generators and you can book generator maintenance and order generator oil replacements or generator fuel top-ups. If you’ve got a generator and you want to get the most out of it, contact S&A Generators today! If you’d like to see what else we can do with backup generators, have a look at our S&A Generators projects.

8 Signs You Need A Diesel Generator Mechanic

8 Signs You Need A Diesel Generator Mechanic

Like all internal combustion engines, there’s a lot that can go wrong with a diesel generator’s engine. With so many moving parts under immense levels of pressure, it’s no wonder diesel engines break down from time to time. As diesel generator repair specialists, we have been working on faulty diesel generators for decades, and know exactly what to look for in a damaged generator. In this article we’re looking at the eight most common signs you need a diesel generator mechanic:

  1. Problems with starting

Diesel engines rely on an immense amount of compression to function optimally. Unfortunately, when seals in the combustion chamber start to deteriorate, this compression can drop and lead to a diesel engine that keeps swinging but just won’t start.

  1. Blue exhaust smoke

A big red flag when it comes to diesel generators is the appearance of blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. This is a clear indication that your generator is burning engine oil, which really shouldn’t be happening if your generator’s engine components are all in good working order.

  1. Loss of engine power

This one is a bit tougher to pinpoint on a diesel generator, since you’re not actually revving the engine as you would in a car. Nevertheless, one can clearly tell just by assessing the genset that the diesel engine is not running as powerfully as it should be, which is another serious cause for concern.

  1. Terrible fuel economy

Is your diesel generator going through fuel faster than it used to for the same amount of operating hours? A thirsty engine is usually a sign of damaged components, with the most likely culprits being your generator engine’s injectors or the rings.

  1. Excessive or strange noise

Compression and timing issues in diesel engines are clear to see (well, to hear). If you’ve fired up your diesel generator and it’s sounding different, like loud clanking noises or sounds you haven’t heard before, this could be a sign of serious engine trauma.

  1. Heightened oil consumption

Some diesel engines sip on engine oil; others need to take large gulps to stay in operation. If you’ve noticed that your diesel generator is requiring more oil top-ups than usual, this is a sign that you might need a diesel generator mechanic to pay you a visit. This is especially true if you don’t see any external signs of oil leaking from the genset.

  1. Rough engine idling

Another clear sign that a diesel generator mechanic is required involves rough idling. There are two types of rough idling to keep an ear open for. Hunting idling which is when the engine idles up and down in intervals, and Missing idling which is when you hear slight hesitations in the engine’s idling. Rough idling could be caused by poor timing or leaking injectors.

  1. Engine runaway

This is when your diesel generator’s engine keeps running for a little while after you’ve switched off the ignition. It’s a clear sign that there’s an issue with the engine’s combustion process, as runaway usually means that a bit of oil is leaking into the combustion chamber. Since diesel engines can theoretically run on engine oil, the engine burns up the bit of oil that’s leaked in – even after it has been shut off.

Find expert diesel generator mechanic services in Durban

If your diesel generator is exhibiting one or more of the above eight signs of damage, it might be time to call in a diesel generator mechanic. S&A Generators offers expert diesel engine repairs and maintenance in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. We are also able to assist with generator fuel refills, planned generator maintenance (to prevent generator repairs), and the sourcing and installation of new generators. Get in touch today to find out more!

Emergency Generator Services From S&A Generators

Emergency Generator Services From S&A Generators

As generator specialists, S&A Generators offers emergency generator services in addition to installation, maintenance and repairs. Our support services are designed to help you get back up and running in the event of problems such as generator failure. Operating across KwaZulu-Natal, our experienced technicians are available 24-7 to assist in case of emergencies.

To help you get the help you need, we offer support for critical, urgent and important emergencies. Some problems can pose a major risk to operational effectiveness and safety. Other problems may be serious, but may not require immediate assistance from our helpful emergency generator services team. There are also important problems that may not pose a major risk but still need to be resolved quickly.

S&A Generators Emergency Generator Services

Our emergency generator services provide call-outs to your premises. These include initial fault detection to identify the problem. We then provide problem-solving resolution of generator sets driven by fuel-powered engines if there has been a mechanical breakdown, start failure or stalling. If any spares or additional equipment are needed, we will advise on what is needed. You can then place your order to get the parts you need as quickly as possible. We offer support services across all parts of KZN, with travel times that depend on the distance from our headquarters in Gillitts, Durban. Here is a breakdown of how we can assist in critical, urgent and important emergencies.


We provide 24-7 assistance in the case of critical emergencies. This applies to major failures that affect the effectiveness of operations throughout the building. This does not simply mean an inability to perform day-to-day operations. It means having the entire building and all areas of operations affected. Healthcare buildings and other similar buildings that cannot afford generator failure will need critical assistance, for example. It also applies to generator failures that can pose a safety hazard to occupants within the building. If safety hazards arise, it is essential to get help immediately


For generator failures that do not pose safety hazards but still affect the overall effectiveness of the building’s operations, emergencies are classified as urgent rather than critical. Urgent support services are provided between 07h00 and 17h00, Monday to Friday. If you are unable to occupy buildings or continue operating efficiently, you would need help quickly.


Other failures can still cause havoc with day-to-day operations, even if they do not cause major operational problems or safety hazards. These situations are still classed as important as they result in downtime. Important support services are provided from 07h00 until 17h00 on weekdays, Monday through to Friday. As we mentioned above, we provide call-outs across the province. Arrival times of our technicians onsite are dependent on where you are located and the availability of a technician. Within the Durban Central area, you will get help within 30 minutes. If you are based in Pietermaritzburg, you can expect to see our technicians in approximately 1 hour. Our team will reach Port Shepstone customers in 1.5 hours. Richards Bay customers will be reached 2 hours, while Newcastle customers will be helped in 3 hours.

To request our generator emergency services and get help from our friendly, helpful, experienced technicians, contact S&A Generators now.

3 Generator Repairs We Commonly Carry Out

3 Generator Repairs We Commonly Carry Out

Generators, like any mechanical devices, are prone to degradation during their operational lives. Even those generators that stand unused for weeks every year can develop issues. At S&A Generators, we’ve seen all varieties of generator problems, and there hasn’t been a generator-related issue that we haven’t been able to figure out. This article looks at a few generator repairs that we commonly carry out for customers in KwaZulu-Natal.

Generator wiring repairs

Power surges are a common occurrence in South Africa, and they can sometimes have devastating consequences for backup generators. During large storms, or in times of load shedding, surges are able to damage important generator parts. We strongly recommend installing a surge arrestor to prevent surge-related generator damage in the future.

Resetting controller alarms

Genset controllers are electronic systems used to monitor generators in terms of voltage, current, temperature, oil levels, etc. Very often, these controllers (specifically the alarms) malfunction, and when this happens the generator won’t start. Resetting these controller alarms is also a common generator repair we regularly carry out.

Repairs to radiator cores

A vital component of every generator is its radiator. Without this part working at its best, the generator risks overheating and eventual breakdown. Something we see quite often, when performing generator maintenance for our clients, is radiator core damage. Repairs to generator radiator cores is something we are able to facilitate.

Expert generator repairs in KwaZulu-Natal

S&A Generators specialises in generator repairs and other generator-related services. We can source and install new generators, relocate generators, connect new generators to building electrics, provide planned generator maintenance, and even diesel generator refilling. Contact us on +27317028621 or [email protected]. Alternatively, fill in the form on our S&A Generators contact page.