Gas Generators

Gas Generators

Gas generators may just be the next best thing. With lots of people who are looking for the most cost effective way to deal with load shedding while still trying to be productive when the lights go out. Gas generators often come at a fraction of the cost of diesel generators. They also have lots of benefits. Firstly they are more eco friendly as they use gas. This is something that people are often concerned with as they are worried about climate change and the effects on the environment. Gas generators are also a lot quieter than diesel generators, this is good for people who stay in eco estates as the generator doesn’t make much noise and therefore it is easier to get it approved by the estate. The gas generators are also a lot more cost effective in the long run. With them operating off gas they are therefore often cheaper to refill than a diesel generator and their services are also a lot cheaper than that of a diesel generator.

Us taking a gas generator for a demo at an estate.


















A Kohler Gas Generator












Installation of Generator

The customer had opened a new branch in tabankulu and needed a generator installed. We went out to site firstly to do a site inspection and then quoted to do the installation. This installation took roughly 4 days. The installation included building of the bund wall and plinth for the generator to be put on. This had to be done in advance as the bund wall is built from bricks and cement and it therefore needs time to dry. The generator was then rigged into position using the crane truck. Once the generator was in position all the cables were run from the generator into the building and connected to the buildings DB board. The generator cables were then covered in sprag, this will protect them from being damaged by rain and other things. After all the cable work was complete palisade fencing was then placed around the generator as well as barbed wire as extra protection for the generator. A COC was then carried out by the electrician, this is to make sure that all electrical work is up to the right standard. A COC is always required when electrical work has been carried out.

This is the bund wall and plinth that was built. The generator was then placed on the plinth and inside the bund wall.











The generator cables were then run into the branch.











The cables from the generator.











The generator is enclosed by palisade fencing and barbed wire.